On Crabs: My Rationale Explained

Factors to consider when buying Crabs

Everyone always wants a taste of the seafood. Those staying around the coastal region always have the seafood as their popular dish. There are always a variety of seafood for people to choose from. The crab is always the most popular type of seafood. The popular nature of the crab is always a result of its sweet and crunchy taste. However, buying of the crab is always a bit tricky. You always have to be keen when choosing to avoid buying a dead crab. A dead crab will always go bad after a few hours. There is always a difference in taste between a dead crab and a crab bought while still alive. A couple of factors always need to be put into consideration when buying a crab.

One always needs to consider choosing a crab by its attitude. When being sold a crab, you always need to go for a crab that is feisty and is ready to react when touched. Such a crab always indicates that it is still alive and healthy. The health of the crab will always matter when you want high-quality crab. The attitude of the crab will always be portrayed by the crab’s reaction. Always be cautious when choosing not to end up with a dead crab. If you choose a dead crab, it might be stale already by the time you get home.

One needs to choose a crab according to the belly the crab has. The male and female crab always has different bellies. A firm belly is the belly of the crab that you will always choose. You will always notice the for a crab with the firm belly, it will always be an indication of how well fed they are and the fact that they are ready to molt. That will always be one of the best crabs you have purchased.

One needs to consider the storage of the crab. After catching a crab, it is always essential that the crab is kept in a dry place. When the crabs are stored in water, they will always be required to use a lot of their energy. As a result, they always lose their reserves fast. You need to take note of the days the crab has been in the storage.

One needs t take note of the crabs color. Many people love shiny things. The reverse is always true for the crabs. A darker crab will always imply that is ready to molt. The above factors should be kept in mind when you are buying a crab.

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